On to Phase Two!

My last post left me a little terrified of writing another blog. It got over 900 views from the USA, Canada, the UK, Croatia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, India, Australia, Japan, Trinidad and Tobogo, Malaysia, Ireland, Romania, and the Philippines.

There’s a feeling of, “AHHH!!!! That’s so cool and exciting!!”

But also, “What in the world did all those people find so interesting? And how can I keep them interested??”

So now, two months later, I’ve decided to ignore all of the wonderful new people that stumbled across my blog.


It’s not that I don’t appreciate you or love you from the depths of my soul, but I started this blog to keep my family and friends updated on my life in Los Angeles. So that’s what I’ll keep doing. Feel free to read along or carry on with your life.


…my life.

The Phoenix Film Festival happened. And it was amazing. Wonderful films and even more wonderful people.

Phoenix Film Festival

Right before the film festival started I decided to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure:

Virtual Assisting for Directors, Writers, and Producers – www.MiniMeAssisting.com

I seem to have stumbled across a new market. Virtual Assisting has been around for years (believe it or not) and there is a tedious administrative side to independent filmmaking that nobody likes to talk about. But I haven’t found anyone who has brought Virtual Assisting to filmmakers yet.

So, I’m either a genius for figuring it out first, or I’m silly to think it would ever work. Either way, Mini Me Assisting has been born! Tell a friend.

I’ve also hit a bit of milestone out here in Tinseltown.

I’m a big supporter of planning. I even wrote a blog about it…here. But LA has been a little bit different. I tried to throw away any sort of timeline for my goals and just work in phases.

Phase One: Live in LA.

Basic. But it’s harder than it seems. Eat, sleep, drive, and work in LA.

I’m proud to say that Phase One has officially been COMPLETED!

The moment that marked my graduation to Phase Two, was when I found out I got in to the Groundlings performance track classes.


“Oh Tiffany! That’s amazing!…Right? Wait…Groundlings…that’s…good? Congratulations??”

Yes! It’s good!! Groundlings is an improv theater and school. You can visit their website if you want to, but I’ll just throw out some names like Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Maya Rudolph and leave it at that. (Right here is where my dad would want me to tell you that a person can only audition for Groundlings Basic three times in their lifetime. If you fail an audition, you also have to wait six months before you can audition again…Groundlings also happens to be one of the reasons I moved out to Los Angeles. So this is kiiiind of a big deal for me.)

Phase Two is training in LA. The thought was that if I’m making enough money to survive in LA then next I need to start making more than enough to survive. I need to make enough to pay for classes.

My “pass” into Groundlings is good for one year, so I probably won’t start taking classes until the Fall.

But I found another studio that I start classes at next Wednesday. Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop. There is supposed to be a six month wait list, but I got in about two weeks after I audited one of his classes. How? LA magic.

I’m hoping to be able to move into Phase Three in about six months. I know you’re dying to know….

Phase Three is the part where I find an agent and a manager and I start marketing the crap out of myself.

I actually found an agent about a month after I moved to LA. An agent wasn’t part of Phase One, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. Jesus, Mary, Joseph was I wrong. I fired her over the phone while I was standing in the party supply isle of Hobby Lobby in Phoenix while shopping for my brother’s graduation party. She was dreadful.

So now I’m agentless until Phase Three.

Of course, Phase Three is also dependent upon me having a flexible work schedule. I don’t want to find my dream agent and then not be able to go to auditions. So go tell a friend about Mini Me Assisting.

Unless you know Spielberg. Then just tell him to call me.



One thought on “On to Phase Two!

  1. Congratulations on passing the Groundlings audition. I’ve been to a couple of their shows and they’re really funny. Hopefully I’ll see you at one in the near future.

    And great job on working on your goals. It is difficult just to get out here, and yet another level of difficult to make headway on the dream of doing what we love while we’re here. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors.

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