The Fabulous Bill Dance

This morning I worked on a new show called The Mindy Project. Call time was 7:00am and I was cut at 11:30am. They never used me. That left enough time for me to get to North Hollywood by 12:00pm in time to register for background acting with Bill Dance Casting. I first heard about Bill […]

Hey, Mom! Look at me!

I kinda feel like stabbing the internet in the face for what it’s just done to my Friday. I’ve spent four hours creating and re-creating this post after two failed attempts at uploading. This is where you can find all the dates and stories for my background acting. I’ll keep it updated as I get more […]

The Background Actor

If we’re friends on Facebook then I’m sure you’ve seen the photos and posts of me on set doing background work. I like to drop names alot and act like it’s a big deal, but I feel like I’ve been taking advantage of my friends and family by not telling you what background acting really […]