Restaurant Etiquette

Let’s get real for a sec…you knew this was coming. The actress living in LA…working as a server…who has to joyfully acquiesce to the meanderings of obnoxious restaurant patrons. Instead of posting a rant or venting about things that nobody really cares about, I thought I would put my findings into one helpful post about […]

Having a Plan

I’m a bit of a planner. I thrive on organization and lists. I love crossing things off a list. I’m also a dreamer. Oftentimes in life, my plans for the future only exist in my dreams.  I think about my plans, I dream about my plans, I obsess about my plans, and then I plan […]

Still Waiting for Spielberg to Call

I moved into a studio apartment in Silver Lake last week, and I LOVE it! It’s exactly the right size for me in a wonderful location right in between my two jobs. And I’m alone. I’ve always hoped I would have the opportunity to have my own space before I got married, and I’m acting […]