Tinkerbell, a Flapper, and SoulPancake Walk Into a Bar…

I seem to have skipped over a few really cool Acting opportunities that I’ve been involved in over the past couple months.

The first one is a really cool charity called Milk and Bookies that has an annual Story Time Celebration. They have about a dozen local actors dress up as storybook characters and interact with the kids at the event. I got to be Tinkerbell 🙂


The same lovely people that got me involved with Milk and Bookies, Jonathan Castile and Lisa Wardell, had me fill in for Lisa one day in a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater that takes place on the Western Fillmore railway. It’s a long form improv show that has a different theme every week. The week I worked with them was a 1920’s show, so I got to be a flapper!


Last but not least, one of the fabulous directors I met at the Phoenix Film Festival, Ben Shelton, is the director of a SoulPancake show called The Flipside. He got me involved in the pilot episode of a new SoulPancake show called The Impression Guys. It aired during YouTube’s comedy week, and is nearing 100,000 views. Fun stuff!!



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